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Volume Licensing

1 user € 23 / user € 56 / user € 112 / user
2-9 users € 19 / user € 46 / user € 93 / user
10-49 users € 15 / user € 36 / user € 74 / user
50-199 users € 11 / user € 27 / user € 54 / user
200+ users € 7 / user € 17 / user € 34 / user
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Large Organizations

Small / Medium Business
500 users, 5 servers
€ 2499
~ € 5 / user
€ 5699
~ € 11,40 / user
€ 11499
~ € 23,00 / user
3000 users, 50+ servers
€ 4899
~ € 1,60 / user
€ 11499
~ € 3,80 / user
€ 22990
~ € 7,70 / user
Large Enterprise
3000+ users, 50+ servers
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Educational € 399 / site
€ 949 / site
€ 1899 / site
Non-profit € 399 / site
€ 949 / site
€ 1899 / site


Server / Web /
Batch Processing
€ 949/ server
€ 1899 / server

Note that these prices are a single payment (not a recurring subscription). All prices are excl. TAX!

Community Edition

The free community edition version is still available. It plays an important role in the 7-PDF philosophy where everybody should be able to afford the software. You can use it if you are in a small company with less than 10 named users or you want to use the software for personal projects. You can download it here.

Terminal Server and Citrix

All the Professional and Expert licenses support both Terminal Server and Citrix. You should choose the license type based on the number of named users you have on your servers. Volume licensing is the most effective for small to medium installations. Larger installations can choose from the licenses listed under Large Organizations section in the table above.

Volume Licensing

This licensing type requires one license per named user with access to use the software. One user can use the software on multiple devices with just one user license.

Large Organizations

SMB and Enterprise licenses are often more attractive to organizations with a large number of users. They allow the owner to use the software for multiple users and servers.

Non Profit

The non-profit license can be used by any registered non-profit organization. This type of license is based on the number of sites that you have.


This developer license type is used for running the software on a web server. It covers all web sites installed on 1 (one) server. Clustered servers require 1 license per server in the cluster. This license type is also used when a server process creates PDF documents for multiple users.

Named User

A named user is defined as a person that may or may not have multiple devices. Using a named user license the same person can use only one user license for all the devices. Only one user license is needed if the user has access to the software on multiple Terminal or Citrix servers.

Site License

Some of the avaliable license types have a priced per site. A site is defined as the locations of an organization within the same zip code.

Maintenance and Support

We offer maintenance and support agreements for the following types of licenses:

  • SMB and Enterprise License (Large Organisations)
  • Educational License and Non-Profit

The maintenance agreement covers support and free upgrades for a period of one year. When you buy a license the first year of maintenance is included in the price. Approximately one year after your initial purchase you will get a notice about the next year's maintenance. All maintenance is optional. This means that you are free to choose not to continue the maintenance program. The maintenance cost is calculated as 20% per year of the initial purchase amount. Details see here.

Get a quote

Please contact us if you represent a large organization with the need for a PDF solution. You can get a license that matches your organization and at the same time minimizes the deployment and administration cost.