The superimpose function will create a PDF with a background or a stamp. Your background or stamp is defined in one or more PDF files that is merged with your input file to create the result. This function requires that you have pdftk.exe installed in your PDF writer application folder.

Namespace:  pdf7.PdfWriter
Assembly:  pdf7.PdfWriter (in pdf7.PdfWriter.dll)


Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Sub Superimpose ( _
	inputFileName As String, _
	outputFileName As String, _
	superimposeFileName As String, _
	layer As String, _
	printerName As String, _
	sessionId As String, _
	workPath As String, _
	timeoutMilliseconds As Integer _
public void Superimpose(
	string inputFileName,
	string outputFileName,
	string superimposeFileName,
	string layer,
	string printerName,
	string sessionId,
	string workPath,
	int timeoutMilliseconds
Visual C++
virtual void Superimpose(
	String^ inputFileName, 
	String^ outputFileName, 
	String^ superimposeFileName, 
	String^ layer, 
	String^ printerName, 
	String^ sessionId, 
	String^ workPath, 
	int timeoutMilliseconds
) sealed
function superimpose(inputFileName, outputFileName, superimposeFileName, layer, printerName, sessionId, workPath, timeoutMilliseconds);


Type: System..::.String
Full path of PDF that you want to apply a background or stamp to.
Type: System..::.String
Full path of the output file.
Type: System..::.String
Background or stamp PDF. Only the first page of this file is used.
Type: System..::.String
This parameter controls if the superimpose file is used as a stamp or a background. Valid values are "over" or "under".
Type: System..::.String
Name of the PDF printer.
Type: System..::.String
Session id of the current process. If this is null it will create one.
Type: System..::.String
Path where temporary files are created during the operation. One is choosen automatically if you specify null.
Type: System..::.Int32
Timeout in milliseconds for external processes launched during the operation.

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