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Registration of PDF Printer

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The registration process consists of two steps. First you purchase a license key on the description page. After you have purchased a key you will receive an email with the key and a invoice. When you have the key, you can go to the registration page and register your key. The registration will create a license file, which you can download and install with your program.

Trouble Shooting

The most common reasons why you did not receive a license key when you made the purchase are listed below.

  • Filling in an incorrect E-mail address. The license key will be sent to the wrong mailbox and you won't receive it!
  • Your mailbox is full. If this happens the license key message cannot be stored in your mailbox and you won't receive it!
  • You or your email provider uses an AntiSpam program and it blocks the license key message as a spam. Please ensure that emails from the 7-PDF addresses are authorized to enter your mailbox.